Made to Measure Printed roller blinds

Printed roller blinds

How to make the right choice of roller blinds so that they could serve as long as possible? What kind of roller blinds you can choose depending on the look of the room?

Printed roller blinds

A roller blind is a perfectly smooth vertical canvas. It is not surprising that there is a great temptation to put on this canvas a beautiful print, which will decorate the interior. Moreover, modern technology allows us to print on the fabric any image with high relief and quality color reproduction. In recent years photo printing on roller blinds has become a more popular and a more accessible service. This is a great opportunity to create a spectacular décor in the room. How to choose the right photo?

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When choosing the photo for roller blinds, it is worth keeping in mind a few simple guidelines:

If you want to order custom blinds with picturesque scenery, make sure that there are space, sky and open horizon. Pictures of bright juicy fruit, coffee and desserts are suitable for the kitchen. They not only make your day, but also stimulate your appetite. Family photos or just portraits of famous people are the best choice for a dining room, a living room, or an office. In the bedroom such images will deprive you of the atmosphere of intimacy. In the room with light and plain wallpapers blinds with a bright contrasting picture will look very spectacular. It can become a cornerstone element of the interior, focusing attention on itself. Try not to use too multicolored images for roller blinds. In general, the most neutral element for the roller blinds, suitable for all situations is a landscape. However, nothing can limit your imagination, especially when it comes to your own apartment. Listen to your desires and heart and create the interior of your dreams! Discover now on

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